Complaining about Complaining

Angelism: “Complaining out loud is expressing negatively what you don’t want or like. How much better would your life be if you spoke positively & shared what you do want & like? Start today.”

Not long ago I read the book A Complaint Free World and I had a huge wake-up call. I know complaining is common and I’m often a receiver and a sender. I consider myself a happy, upbeat, positive person and I didn’t think complaining was much of an issue for me. I was very wrong and this has been a lesson learned. I know I will never give up complaining 100%. It’s not easy to entertain or have a little obnoxious fun if I don’t go off dramatically on topics every once in a while. The clarity this book brought to me was the awareness of the constant, useless, serves no purpose, out loud complaints I say and hear that are not needed. For example:
“I’m tired” 
“I have a headache” 
“I have too much work” 
“My boss is an idiot” 
“My cats are annoying” 
“This remote doesn’t work” 
“I’m bored” 
“I’m cold” 
“I hate this song” 
“That driver is a maniac” 
“Laundry blows” 
“I don’t want to cook” 
“I feel fat” 
“I can’t think” 
“My day has been awful”
“My hair looks like shit!”
These are just a few of the CRAZY things I caught myself saying. This useless out loud chatter gives off bad vibes. This kind of talk creates negative energy in our space and is verbal communication that serves no good. If any of you have read this book or have seen Will Bowen (author) on Oprah, you know that the goal is to wear a purple bracelet around your wrist and every time you complain you have to switch the bracelet to the other wrist. The first day I swear I had bruises from swapping the bracelet so much. The goal is to go 21 days without complaining. I’m not sure that is a goal I can ever achieve but I will try. I’m very aware of the commentary around me now, so much that I hear random people a good distance away complaining about stuff. Even if you personally can’t make the change, the awareness is a step in the right direction. Now at least I catch myself and apologize to those around me who may have been in earshot of my wasteful words.
I feel this is a book that all people should read. With stopping the endless negative chatter you free up more quiet time than you ever thought possible. In this quiet time you can analyze and replace the bad thoughts with good ones. Stop verbally expressing every “Debbie Downer” thought and unimportant dramatic moment. No need to draw that kind of attention. The goal of this great little book and the bracelets (that are free:, is to have a complaint free world and I think that’s wonderful. This book gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.

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