Adulting Sucks!

Angelism: “Wish not to grow up, for once you grow up you will quickly learn that adulting sucks!”

I have hated adulting most of my adult life. I can kick myself for not thinking of this amazing idea to create a school where teachers educate young adults on how to exist in this crazy world. WHAT A GREAT CONCEPT! Need help using a coffee maker, folding a fitted sheet, taking care of pet, making the appropriate decision on what fork to use at a fancy restaurant, how to buy a car, how set up household accounts, or manage your money/debt? This is a million dollar idea and kudos to the team who invented it. I can’t wait to watch these schools boom all over our country. WE NEED THIS! Maybe this will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!! LOL!!! The last two generations have been soft, soft, soft and the reality of adulting is overwhelming for so many. Greatest school to be created in the last 20 years as far as I am concerned.

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