Give Up Yet?

Angelism: New year new year! This does not work! Your goals don’t mean a damn thing after February 1st!

January encourages everyone to get their shit together. New Years goals are blasted on marketing materials and every retailer promotes workout gear and diet plans. By February most people feel like failuers. The gung-ho take off for a perfect start to a great new year is crap and has us all chowing down on chocolate and champagne by Valentines day. So why year after year do we all put so much weight on the New Years Goal? My assumption is our intentions are good and it feels right to have a rfresh start. End of day, if you dont have good habits already your likely to fail!
What the foics should be is achievalble goals spaced out throughiyt the year.Maybe at first you decide to give up soad. Them after 2 months you give up the ice cream. After that maybe you vow to eat o more fast food. Little life changes spaced out over the course of your life is what will allow for success. You have to want it. Goals ed to be achievble. Life changes must be manageable.

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