Angels: “Sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself WHY?”


Why we do what we do, say what we say, buy what we buy, and think what we think? This is simply a list of WHY thoughts to ponder.

1) Why do skinny bitches complain about being fat to a friend that is clearly heavier than them? I think if you are a size 8 or smaller, regardless of your height, you should shut the F* up!
2) Why do showers get dirty all the time? You would think something that included soap and hot water for daily usage would stay clean.
3) Why do we drive a mile or less to pick up food, visit a friend, or drop kids off at school? And then we question why we are fat?
4) Why do we go out and party at a bar, spend good money on alcohol, knowing we may barf it up later? There goes $60 bucks worth of Fireball down the toilet!
5) Why is it that you can learn the words to a song after a few times of hearing it but can’t remember a phone number, address, or things you read and study for? I never understood this. All things should be taught in a song.
6) Why is it when it rains the car gets dirtier? My car gets streaks everywhere. No such thing as a free car wash.
7) Why is it that you can be chatting with your best friend about an event that you were both at and somehow you remember it totally differently? This makes me crazy!!!
8) Why are people stressed and overworked with their jobs and family but find the time to update their Facebook and Twitter?
9) Why is it that a book can be so fantastic and then you watch the movie and it’s horrible?
10) Why does everything bad that happens, happen for a reason, but everything good that happens is considered good luck? Heaven forbid good things happen to good people because they deserve it.
11) Why in the world are the Kardashian’s celebrities? Are we so pathetic we have stooped to this being a form of entertainment?
12) Why can men listen to and watch sports for hours, but only have a two minute attention span for their wife and kids?
13) Why do weirdos who can’t sing or act try out for shows like The Voice? Are people really that desperate for attention?
14) Why do people who lose hundreds of pounds gain it back? That’s a journey I would not want to take twice.
15) Why do people make the same mistake more than twice? Are you not smart enough to learn a lesson?
16) Why do people work in service when they do not like people? Even more important why do people hire these assholes? Did they really shine in an interview?
17) Why do people still get perms? Even more importantly why do salons still offer perms?
18) Why must lawyers be rude? Is it really necessary to share your knowledge of the law and use fancy courtroom words when we are out at dinner or at a BBQ? I get it, you are kinda a big deal but seriously, TAKE THE DAY OFF WE DON’T CARE!
19) Why do parents let their kids drink soda especially caffeinated soda? Go buy stock in some insulin because your child’s future is diabetes.
And last but not least….
20) Why do wanna-be, label whore people buy a 200 or 300 series Mercedes or BMW? People who actually are wealthy know that if you really had money you would not have wasted your mediocre line of credit on a lower end version of a high quality awesome car. LMAO!!!

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