Never Waste Summertime!

Time to relax

Angelism: Never waste summertime! Bask in the longer days, warm and relaxing nights, adventurous vacations, and fun in the sun. Summer is meant for making memories, creating special moments, and most importantly taking time for yourself.

Summer is a wonderful season for adventure and fun. My passion and excitement for the summertime began early on. The idea of being off for almost three months at a time during my school years was always something to look forward to. As a kid, my family did not vacation much, but the pool days, theme park adventures, sleepovers with friends, and our family BBQs were all memorable moments. As I got older, in my late teens and early 20’s I developed a genuine desire to see and do more in this great big world. I moved to Los Angeles, where I have now happily lived for almost 20 years, and I did this knowing I would always feel like I am on vacation. Additional travel outside of life here in LA is truly a bonus.

There is something to be said for going to new places and experiencing life there. The people, culture, food, environment, and general laws and regulations vary significantly from state to country. Opening my eyes to these new ways of life, I quickly learned that mindset and social responsibility values are heavily influenced by the environments in which we live. What you choose to believe and make of the world around you is largely dependent on what your day-to-day experiences offer you. Because of my openness to immerse myself in these new communities, I feel like I have become a more accepting and personable human.

Despite fear or desire to be alone with your beliefs, I encourage everyone to get out there. Start small if you must. Take a short weekend adventure and grab your meals at a popular local restaurant rather than the hotel you reside in. Consider going to the beach or lake, rather than hanging poolside at your Airbnb, and shop in the local malls and markets to live as they do. Engage with the employees along the way who serve you, and those strangers who sit next to you on the train. Take the opportunity to get to know someone new, and learn how they view life there. Consider a nearby park for an outdoor concert or lunch date, and if you are religious, attend a local mass. You may even make a friend for life along the way or discover your retirement relocation goals. 

Making memories matters…

Wishing you joyful summer vibes, get outside, and have some fun while you still can!