The Importance of I Love You!

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Angelism: To be in love you must be vulnerable, free of baggage, judgment, walls, fears & control.

Love has always been in my life. I receive it from my family, friends, mates, neighbors, clients, pets, and even strangers. Love is at the top of my list. I have always felt love and I enjoy sharing my gift of love with those I care about. I hold love near and dear to my heart. I love myself first because I’m a good person who deserves to be a priority. I love every ounce of who I am, good and bad. I refuse to let anyone take a loving heart away from me.

The love I have for myself fuels me to give unconditional love to others. Love feels wonderful and is the best thing I can give. I’ve realized over the years that people go days, months, and even years without hearing the three most beautiful words of I LOVE YOU. Many people think that if you throw “I love you” around, it becomes less special. I think anyone who feels that, has spent a lifetime not hearing it in the true, caring, passionate, considerate, and blessed meaning that it holds. Not everyone feels “I love you” is necessary in life. For me it is. When it’s my time to leave this earth, I want to leave knowing that the last three words I said to those in my life that I care for was, “I love you.” It’s meaningful, heartfelt, and lucky for me it’s FREE.  

Do you have enough love in your life? If not maybe you are not prioritizing it or you are not open to giving and receiving it. As children, if we are not shown what love looks like, it’s hard to accept it and give it back. You may strive for it by trying to get attention or falling for the wrong kind of love. You may push sincere love away because of fear it’s too intense. Love feels scary and sometimes appears too good to be true. Take out the self-sabotaging thoughts and allow your heart to open, be vulnerable, and be full of love. Give love to others and it comes back to you with more warmth than you could ever imagine. Give love unconditionally and share love with many types of people, not just your parents or your lover. Love is the greatest gift we can give and our world needs much more of it.  

I want to say, “Thank you, to all who love me. Your love is appreciated and I love you too!”