Angels: “Sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself WHY?”


Why we do what we do, say what we say, buy what we buy, and think what we think? This is simply a list of WHY thoughts to ponder.

1) Why do skinny bitches complain about being fat to a friend that is clearly heavier than them? I think if you are a size 8 or smaller, regardless of your height, you should shut the F* up!
2) Why do showers get dirty all the time? You would think something that included soap and hot water for daily usage would stay clean.
3) Why do we drive a mile or less to pick up food, visit a friend, or drop kids off at school? And then we question why we are fat?
4) Why do we go out and party at a bar, spend good money on alcohol, knowing we may barf it up later? There goes $60 bucks worth of Fireball down the toilet!
5) Why is it that you can learn the words to a song after a few times of hearing it but can’t remember a phone number, address, or things you read and study for? I never understood this. All things should be taught in a song.
6) Why is it when it rains the car gets dirtier? My car gets streaks everywhere. No such thing as a free car wash.
7) Why is it that you can be chatting with your best friend about an event that you were both at and somehow you remember it totally differently? This makes me crazy!!!
8) Why are people stressed and overworked with their jobs and family but find the time to update their Facebook and Twitter?
9) Why is it that a book can be so fantastic and then you watch the movie and it’s horrible?
10) Why does everything bad that happens, happen for a reason, but everything good that happens is considered good luck? Heaven forbid good things happen to good people because they deserve it.
11) Why in the world are the Kardashian’s celebrities? Are we so pathetic we have stooped to this being a form of entertainment?
12) Why can men listen to and watch sports for hours, but only have a two minute attention span for their wife and kids?
13) Why do weirdos who can’t sing or act try out for shows like The Voice? Are people really that desperate for attention?
14) Why do people who lose hundreds of pounds gain it back? That’s a journey I would not want to take twice.
15) Why do people make the same mistake more than twice? Are you not smart enough to learn a lesson?
16) Why do people work in service when they do not like people? Even more important why do people hire these assholes? Did they really shine in an interview?
17) Why do people still get perms? Even more importantly why do salons still offer perms?
18) Why must lawyers be rude? Is it really necessary to share your knowledge of the law and use fancy courtroom words when we are out at dinner or at a BBQ? I get it, you are kinda a big deal but seriously, TAKE THE DAY OFF WE DON’T CARE!
19) Why do parents let their kids drink soda especially caffeinated soda? Go buy stock in some insulin because your child’s future is diabetes.
And last but not least….
20) Why do wanna-be, label whore people buy a 200 or 300 series Mercedes or BMW? People who actually are wealthy know that if you really had money you would not have wasted your mediocre line of credit on a lower end version of a high quality awesome car. LMAO!!!

Love Lessons…

Angelism: “Love may not be everything, but it is definitely something. Never underestimate its power.”

At the end of this month Scott and I celebrate our 13 year anniversary. It’s crazy to me that we have been together this long. It still feels new so I guess that is a good sign. As I reflect over our years together, and think back on all that we have been through, I realize that this is a love that has had plenty of highs and lows, fears and comforts, fights and agreements, fun and frustration, love and lust, disappointment and excitement, confusion and resentment, joy and passion, and most importantly friendship and commitment. I’m so proud that we have never given up. There was a time around year seven mark where we struggled. We were going different directions and not getting along. We decided to do the work and get on the same page rather than go our separate ways. Our love grew stronger because of it.
Through this relationship journey I have learned many things. I look forward to more loving and learning in the years to come. I know this love may not last forever but my wish is that it will. In the meantime I cherish these love lessons.
1) I’ve learned that love is in everything that you do. Love is a kiss goodnight or a romantic getaway. It’s the bite of food you share at dinner and the door he opens when you get to the car. Love is the fight that gets resolved without words, and the hand that gets held on a movie date. Love is in little things every day.
2) I’ve learned that love is mastering a sincere apology. It’s OK to be wrong or misunderstood. Saying, “I’m sorry” and meaning it, with no buts, no explanations, and no justifications, has been my biggest lesson. A simple, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me,” goes a long way.
3) I’ve learned that love is making time to date and have fun. Playing together whether it’s miniature golfing, a theme park, the water slides, a weekend getaway, or dinner and a movie; adventures always brings you closer together.
4) I’ve learned that love is patient. Not everything goes as planned and life takes you for turns you least expect. Just breathe and be patient.
5) I’ve learned that to love means to surrender control. Letting him take control sometimes allows me to trust and experience new things.
6) I’ve learned that it’s not your intention behind your words but how they are received by your partner. What I meant to say doesn’t always come across. Your good intentions may be misunderstood for negative ones and love is respecting how your partner feels regardless of how it hurts your ego.
7) I’ve learned that sex should be at the top of the love list. I don’t care how tired you are, how much your head hurts, or how much work you have to finish. Remind your mate that you are sexually attracted to them every chance you get.
8) I’ve learned that love means to be vulnerable. Being raw and honest with your partner will lead to comfort and a soft place to fall.
9) I’ve learned that I’m not perfect, I can be a bitch, I do make bad decisions, and at times my expectations are unreasonable. Live with anyone longer than a few years and you will quickly learn what you need to work on to better yourself. Love is recognizing you can not fix the other to be as perfect as you.
10) I’ve learned that love is respecting your mates family, regardless of your opinion of them. Every family has their own dysfunction; respect boundaries and don’t dwell in the drama.
11) I’ve learned that it’s OK to fight for what you believe in. True love respects differences and grows stronger because of them.
12) I’ve learned that love means you sometimes you have to do what you don’t want to do to make your partner happy. Compromise is key. Go to that work dinner, attend that family event, or see a movie you would normally never see. I assure you, you will want that same respect in return.
13) I have learned that pointing the finger only makes you look stupid. There is no need to make someone WRONG so you can be RIGHT. To love means to talk it out without placing guilt or wrongdoing.
14) I’ve learned that a wink, a hug, a kiss, or a nod go a long way. Recognizing one another in a room is always a great way to show love.
15) I’ve learned to love means to listen. There is a difference between hearing what was said and understanding what you have heard. I now listen with focus and show more concern about what the other is saying rather than what I want to say next.
16) I’ve learned that love is forgiving. You can get in fights that seem like deal breakers and a month later not even remember what you fought about.
17) I’ve learned that the grass is not always greener on the other side so don’t take for granted what you have. If your love is good on the majority of the days, trust that it’s worth it and believe in the power of love to see you through.
18) I’ve learned that love is a chance you take. It’s a risky adventure but a fun one if it’s true.
19) I’ve learned that trust is a must, without trust you have nothing.
20) I’ve learned that you must remain independent of one another. If you don’t nurture your career, friendships, and family outside of your relationship you will lose who you are. Love grows when you maintain independence.
21) I’ve learned to keep him guessing. Be a fun, unique, clever, inventive, and exciting person. Acting a little crazy sometimes keeps love interesting.
22) I’ve learned that life throws you curve-balls. Just when you think you know all there is to know about love, life hits you with a reality check and you must learn all over again. Embrace change together.
23) I’ve learned that I need to stay strong when he is weak. In return he will do the same. Try not to fall down at the same time. Having a cheerleader in your corner who understands you when you are down is what love is all about.
24) I’ve learned that we are different people, and that what I once loved most about my partner is often what I hate. For example, I love he is passive, it means I can take control. However that passiveness sometimes means a lack of motivation to do things or makes decisions which then means I feel pressured to do everything. I love it but I hate it. Learn to recognize these judgements and move right on through. To love is not to change but embrace.
25) I’ve learned that love is seen and felt just as much as it is expressed.
26) I’ve learned that I can’t say, “I love you,” enough. Everyday is a new day, and every day deserves to begin and end with, “I love you.”
Love is taking the good from each moment. If you have something worth holding onto, trust it. If it doesn’t work out that’s OK. Love is everywhere. Some people love many individuals in a lifetime, others have one soul mate for life. No matter what your story, learn your lessons, change, grow, and celebrate. When in love, not every day is easy, but every day is worth it!


WTF? Ain’t that a Biotch!

Angelism: “When life throws you stupid shit, just laugh!”

So often I find myself thinking, “WTF? Ain’t that a Biotch!” Time to do some venting!
*Ain’t it a biotch when you are driving along and some asshole cuts you off and has the nerve to flip you off. JERKS!
*Ain’t it a biotch when you get your period unexpectedly and you don’t have any tampons handy. UGH!!!
*Ain’t it a biotch when you are on a date and you need to fart. SO UNCOMFORTABLE.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you are enjoying your DVR show and you get to the end and beep, the recording is over and you don’t get to see the ending or the previews for next week. STUPID MACHINE!
*Ain’t it a biotch when your parents and family members join Facebook. TIME TO SENSOR.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you wake up in the middle of the night to pee and you step in your pets barf or poop in the dark. PETS ARE NOT ALWAYS CUTE.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you get to the airport two hours early to discover your flight is delayed two hours. YEAH FOR THE OVERPRICED BAR.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you begin working out, and what feels like forever, has only been five minutes. THIS HAPPENS EVERY TIME I GO TO THE GYM.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you are out in public in your grubs and you run into an old classmate or worse and ex-boyfriend who looks fantastic. LAME.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you have an itch under your bra or around your crotch area and you are in public. SCRATCH RESPONSIBLY.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you get caught picking your nose while driving your car. GROSS.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you order fast food and you get home to find out they forgot one of your items but still charged you for it. IDIOTS!!!
*Ain’t it a biotch when you go to start your car and the battery is dead? STUCK!
*Ain’t it a biotch when you go to reach for your cell phone in your purse and it’s not there. LIFE WITH NO CELL = FREAK OUT.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you are having a great day and your roommate, child, or partner storms in, in a shitty mood, and ruins your day. GO AWAY!
*Ain’t it a biotch when you are in a public restroom and you go to reach for the toilet paper and there is none. HOPE THERE ARE SEAT COVERS.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you go to drink your tea or coffee and it is hot enough to melt gold. LIQUID FIRE IS NOT SO TASTY.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you are sitting comfortably in the movie theater and some a-hole next to you can’t sit still, shut up, or share arm space. SELFISH PIG GO HOME!
*Ain’t it a biotch when your kids know more about technology then you. SAD WHEN YOUR 12 YEAR OLD CAN FORMAT YOUR RESUME BETTER THAN YOU.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you order Chicken McNuggets at McDonald’s and they charge you extra for additional sauces. SERIOUSLY?
*Ain’t it a biotch when you hug someone and realize after you step away that you got lipstick and or concealer on their face or clothes. OOPS.
and finally….
*Ain’t it a biotch when you are chatting with someone like an old classmate, friend, potential employer, or neighbor, and they use a big word in the midst of your conversation and you have no idea what it means but you nod and continue hoping your lack of education doesn’t shine through in that moment. DAMN SHOW OFFS, USE EVERYDAY WORDS PLEASE!

Cheating… Who is to Blame?

Angelism: “The quickest way to ruin a relationship is to cheat. Love doesn’t last long when there is no trust.”

My boyfriend and I have very different viewpoints on cheating and who is to blame. Cheating has never been an issue between us since we have both been faithful, at least to my knowledge, but the challenge is we think differently about who takes the heat for infidelity. So who do you point the finger at when your mate turns to another person for sex and intimacy?
I feel that a relationship is between two people, the two that made the commitment to each-other. The person who needs to stay strong and be true to me is the one who vows to do so. I need to be faithful in return. When a third party gets involved, I expect that my mate will be responsible for fighting off any urges to stray in order to remain monogamous to me. If my man cheats on me with a person at his work, a bartender, a stripper, or a friend of a friend who I have never met, do I blame him, her, or both? This is tough question to answer because there are many different opinions. I happen to feel that the person responsible would be my man, and my man feels that both people are to blame.
It seems in society that people like to put the blame on the third party equally when the one they should really have frustration and disappointment with is their mate who shattered the trust. I agree that the third party who gets involved with a spoken for person has done something irresponsible, but it happens, and people cheat everyday and don’t feel guilty about it. If they truly felt guilt they wouldn’t do it. If a stranger has the hots for your man, knows he is taken, but wants to get naked with him anyway, who are you to think she should hold back? What can you really expect from a stranger? Does this make her a bad person, or a human acting on impulse and living in the moment? If I sleep with a waiter while on a girls only vacation, the waiter is not to blame, I am.
The divorce rate in this country is over 50%. People are obviously cheating often, don’t think you are exempt. The sooner you accept this as a possibility, the less painful it will be if you are faced with it. I have family members and friends who have cheated and I don’t think they are evil, I think they are human. It takes a strong, happy, committed, loving, honest and respectful relationship, to stay totally true and faithful for decade after decade. That kind of commitment requires you to stop your hormones and desires every time they stray to thoughts of, “What if?” You have to be excited about going home to the same lover every day of your life and reinvent yourself over and over again so you don’t get bored. You have to be a person of so much integrity and faith that when and if you have desires to be involved with someone outside of your relationship, you choose not to act on it and instead go home to your partner and work it out. Realistically, how many people actually fall into this highly honorable category? A 100% true relationship requires a lot of work and willpower to avoid every temptation along the way for years and years.
Although I say I would only blame the lover that actually cheated on me, I have one exception to that rule. This is what confuses my boyfriend. I told him if he ever cheated on me with a dear friend, I would blame them both. The way I see it is anyone who I know and love, who has a commitment to me to respect and be loyal to me, should not engage in this kind of promiscuous behavior behind my back. So yes, be pissed if your best friend sleeps with your man. I say disown them both for betraying your trust. However, if he hooks up with a bartender, then it’s not her fault. There are many people in this world who have no real feelings. They sleep with someone without any regard for the other person. Many of them don’t even know there is another person to be concerned about. You can blame this third party person all you want but the fact is, if they cared they would not have done it. The person who was supposed to care, have your back and honor you no matter what, is your partner. When your mate sleeps with another person with no regard or respect for how it will make you feel, that is the enemy, that is who you blame.
My boyfriend feels both people are to blame so we agree to disagree. I get what he is saying to a certain extent. I don’t think women or men should encourage, or put effort towards having sex with married/ committed people unless both parties agree it’s OK. I think passing the buck to the third party is a way of blaming someone other than the love of your life for ruining your relationship. I admire that my man cared enough about this topic to have a conversation about it. I’m also grateful that our differences of opinion didn’t get in the way of us having sex later that day. It amazes me that after almost 13 years together we can still challenge each other’s thoughts like this and be mature about it.
What do you think about cheating? For me, anyone who gives into cheating is not a person of enough integrity and respect for me to be with, or waste my time being mad at. I would cut the ties, forgive, never forget, and walk away knowing I did nothing wrong. When someone cheats, everything is lost; faith, trust, hope, love, and a future of comfort and commitment. You feel a pain that is unexplainable and in a moments time all you thought you had, the love you feel existed all those years, is over. Having full trust again of the person who strayed is impossible. The unfaithfulness will haunt you if you stay. In my opinion, someone who cheats doesn’t deserve your love, move on.