The New Beverly Hills 90210 (WTF?)


Angelism: Plastic surgery, fake tans, and namaste is not always the answer to fit in and age gracefully. #90210bubble

As a 90’s kid I thought this day would never come. It’s officially happening; the Beverly Hills 90210 reboot is in full swing. Not only did they have a reunion, but they all came back to do an actual show. The new 90210 is a full  season of episodes with the main characters acting as themselves all while trying to pick up where they left off 25+ years ago. Pretty clever idea but WTF happened to this tribe of people who once seemed inseparable?

I must admit, I had way higher hopes for that first episode. My girlfriend Yasmin and I went in with excitement and butterflies in our tummies. Simply hearing the song in the introduction brought us straight back to our youth.  We had high expectations of one of the best shows of our youth. But then it happened.  The characters talked, interacted, and well they all acted stupid. Was that really the best they could do? Watch our video  to get our, “Did that really happen?” commentary on episode one!

Since filming this gossip session,  Yasmin and I have seen a few more episodes unfold and things do appear to be shaping up. We still do not buy into the Gabrielle exploring her sexuality story line. We do find it interesting that the show is addressing the #metoo movement as well as the double standards for men and women. We like that Brian Austin Green is the stay-at-home dad with a celebrity wife, and Ian Ziering is well… Steve Sanders still. Not much growth for his character, he is still driving fancy cars, getting wasted, and having zero luck with the ladies. It was nice to see Mrs. Walsh, (who was always a voice of reason on the original show), play her role as a therapist this time around. This is perfect because she really is a therapist here in Beverly Hills and a damn good one from what I’ve heard.

As the season unfolds we shall see what truly becomes of this reboot. I still say, “Bring Dylan back!” We both miss him so much. There is a an empty space without his heart-throb presence. Branden simply can’t carry the show on his own. Jenny and Tori are pretty much the same ditzy girls, just more plastic and platinum than ever before. I’m curious to see what Brenda’s contribution will be. Maybe this time around she can redeem herself from her bitchy ways. As for the stalker character… it will be interesting to see how they blend his story in with all the scandal, booze, lusty affairs, and depressed trust fund heirs.

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