Ain’t it A Biotch Part II

Angelism: “No matter how hard I try there is always crazy shit to bitch about. Life just ain’t normal!”

Hopefully you all get a good laugh outta this. Feel free to add your own “Aint it a Biotch” comment at the bottom of this blog. I’m sure I missed a few good things to bitch about! 
1) Ain’t it a biotch when your boyfriend tells you to “Suck it in.” I’m bloated asshole!!! You try bleeding for 5 days!
2) Ain’t it a biotch when you stay up late Saturday night to watch SNL and it sucks. Not all episodes are worthy.
3) Ain’t it a biotch when you are on Facebook and your friends from another time zone update their status with the results of TV show. Keep it to yourself people, not everyone lives on the fucking East coast!
4) Ain’t it a biotch when you ask a woman, “When are you due?” and she responds with, “I am not pregnant!” Insert foot in mouth. Oops!
5) Ain’t it a biotch when you’re driving and you forget where you are going? Dumbass!
6) Ain’t it a biotch when you put on your fat pants and they are too tight. Fuck you evil calories!
7) Ain’t it a biotch when you wait an hour to eat at a restaurant and you finally get your food and it’s just OK. So not worth the wait.
8) Ain’t it a biotch when your parents talk about sex. So gross.
9) Ain’t it a biotch when someone walks in on you in a public restroom while you are doing number two. Hope you’re not wiping.
And since we are talking about shitters….
10) Ain’t it a biotch when you are simply walking around in public or sitting comfortably with a friend and out of the blue you fart and poo comes out. WTF???
11) Ain’t it a biotch when you get kicked out of a bar on your birthday because you are too drunk. Maybe this is just me but I blame my friends for giving me too many shots.
12) Ain’t it a biotch when you are in a deep sleep and that damn dump truck comes barreling through and wakes you up at 5:30am. ARGH, I hate this! You would think by now they could make those things a little quieter. Possibly a hybrid version would be good.
13) Ain’t it a biotch when you are shopping in the produce section of the supermarket and you grab an apple and a bunch of them fall on the ground. I have yet to understand why they stack the fruit and veggies the way they do.
14) Ain’t it a biotch when you are at home starving, you don’t have much food in the house and you go to make a PBJ sandwich and your bread is moldy. DAMMIT! Give me a spoon I am eating peanut butter for lunch.
15) Ain’t it a biotch when you go out to see a movie and you get there in what you consider to be plenty of time and you walk in and all that is available is the first three rows. Why do they even have the first three rows? Nobody likes them.
16) Ain’t it a biotch when you grab the remote control and go to use it and the batteries are dead. Now I gotta get my ass up off the couch and find batteries??? FML!
17) Ain’t it a biotch when you get an eyelash in your eye and you are wearing full makeup. I thought eyelashes were there to prevent shit from getting in my eyes. Lame!
18) Ain’t it a biotch when you are trying to go to bed and your man is running around the house asking you where everything is because he has no clue since he never puts anything away. And guys think women are annoying?!?! 
19) Ain’t it a biotch when you are in a public place and you go to release what you believe will be a quiet pass of gas and BOOM, everyone is well aware that it was you just shit your pants. Gas is a tricky thing.
And last but not least…
20) Ain’t it a biotch when you park your car and walk away with absolutely no regard for where you parked it. Hours later when you are done shopping you walk out and realize how stupid you were and the punishment will be walking up and down every aisle looking like clueless idiot while cursing at the cars and hitting that damn lock button on your keychain. Better hope if it’s a parking garage that you at least know what floor you were on. LOL!!!

I Wish Food Sucked!

Angelisms: “Life would be grand if steamed broccoli & carrots tasted as wonderful as double fudge cake with ice cream.”

If you follow my blogs, you know that I am no skinny-minnie. I am tall, curvy and soft and work my ass off at the gym. I have earned my girly figure by exercising harder than most thin and fit people. The benefit of all this exercise is I maintain a healthy, full, slightly overweight figure with some shape; not a fat, bouncy, blob-like body. If I don’t work out regularly, there is no doubt in my mind that I would have a big weight problem. I have fought this most of my life and I accept it. I am genetically challenged when it comes to being super fit and if vegetables tasted nearly as great as cheesecake, my journey to maintain a healthy weight would not be so complicated. Food is good, I love to eat, I always have. I like the taste of food and since I love my food hot, I tend to eat fairly fast. I appreciate many categories of food: Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Indian and Thai, only name a few. This interest in many kinds of food does not work in my favor when trying to diet.
As if life isn’t hard enough it turns out all crap food tastes way better than all healthy food. This pisses me off. As much as I hate to complain and be negative, when it comes to managing my weight, I have real beef with the man upstairs. Many of you already know this stuff, but for shits and giggles, I will review the challenges of being a woman. For all you skinny bitches who can’t relate, laugh and be thankful you can eat whatever you want and still wear a size zero. For any of you sporting a spare tire or two, who work-out often and diet and struggle like me, enjoy every second of my rant:
“I carry around extra weight through my hips and thighs and no matter how many miles I run, how many stairs I climb, or how many pounds I lose, the extra weight stays there. I lug around boobs that have to weigh about five pounds each. Not sure what D size breasts equal in numbers, but they are not light weights to carry. Hell, I should have a ripped back just for pulling my boobs upright every day. No such luck! I have a bit of a muffin top (AKA spare tire), which I can’t figure out. I have done more sit-ups than days I have been alive and I still have a soft tummy. That is the truth people, I track this shit and it’s UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE that I still have chub of any kind in this area. What really blows my mind is I have been doing arm weights for over six years and no matter how many arm machines I do, my arm skin still looks slightly loose as if I don’t actually work them out at all. Solid underneath when I flex, but soft on the outside to the eyes of those around me. So unfair! On top of this, as a woman, I suffer from PMS that sneaks up on me monthly. Since this is my female blessing, the comfort I seek, the only comfort, is Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream. I am sure many of you will agree that the one scoop that equals a serving size, is never enough to satisfy. I prefer to eat the entire tub. Sad thing is that tub is about a full day’s worth of calories and there is no way in hell that will be all I eat in a day. DAMMIT! Carbs are evil, fat is the devil, and everything that tastes memorable goes straight to my ass!”
I hope I’m not the only one who feels this. I know mentally that overeating is bad for me. Maybe if I only had a period once a year, I could survive my crazy cravings that push me to overeat and indulge in crap as satisfying as a damn Oreo cookie cake. Multiple sugar and salt cravings every month with my menstrual cycle is a big fucking curse. A man faces none of this. Waking up with a hard on in your 30’s and 40’s, and having a beer belly because you drink every night when you sit your fat ass on the couch and watch TV is hardly what I consider a set-back. Going out with and extra set of tits on my back and cottage cheese on my thighs that is visible through my yoga pants and khakis is not cool. The worse part is, not only do I crave something as yummy as a chocolate shake from McDonald’s, but I want the extra salty french fries to go with it. Knowing this, saying it out loud and now writing it, makes me feel like a complete moron. Intellectually there is no excuse, my cravings should be controlled, and food should be looked at as an energy source only. Food solely as an energy source sounds awful! Sorry, when I am hungry and I have the option of a glass of water, tofu and vegetables or some beer, extra cheesy bacon mac and cheese and fried chicken, we all know which one is actually going to go in my mouth.
So I am back to, “I wish food sucked!” Life would be much easier if bad food did not exist. For those of you who can eat all you want and stay the same weight, “I secretly hate you!” Ha ha! I don’t really hate you but it felt good to say that. For all of you who can relate to me, I feel your pain. I wake up every day knowing that if I want dinner followed by a delicious dessert, I will be spending a minimum of an hour on the treadmill the next morning. I don’t, and won’t, ever deprive myself of delicious foods. For me it’s, “Exercise of be Fat,” and since I like to eat, the gym has become my best friend. I don’t know how to start a day without a workout. I don’t promote a chip guzzling, cookie crunching, butter overdosing lifestyle, where you eat whatever you want and join a gym to make your reckless eating habits OK. That is not my point. I do make healthy choices 75% of the time. I count my calories most days and I like nutritious foods. I make the effort to keep a fridge and pantry stocked with good for me stuff. I pay attention to what I eat and make sure it offers the nutritional value that my body needs. I buy organic and fresh foods which are helpful since my ability to portion control is nonexistent. Because I make an effort to eat right a majority of the time, I don’t deprive myself of splurging here and there on delicious foods that keep me full-figured.
I can’t say it enough, “I wish food sucked!” At least if all food tasted plain and boring, I would eat only for the purpose of refueling and survival. If celery sticks satisfied me the same way a Butterfinger did at the movies, I would not have to sweat for what feels like forever at the gym. It blows that I have to work-out hard to have some mouth watering pleasures. I think it’s an unnecessary evil. It’s obviously not going away so I accept it and keep plugging at my goal to lose fifteen pounds this year. I am only about three pounds down, so I have to get cracking.
PS: The first person who can invent a nutrition packed bowl of carrots, peas and beans that taste like a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Cake Batter Ice Cream will truly be a zillionaire. I will buy stock in it for sure!



Never FAKE the “BIG O”

Angelism: “Get out of your own head & chase your physical wants & desires.”

Promise me, from this moment forward, you will never, ever, ever, fake an orgasm. Raise your hand and swear to me that you will make it a point to always achieve the “BIG O”, preferably multiple times if you can. If you fail at the “BIG O” the only valid excuse is you were super drunk or so exhausted you slept through it. Not reaching orgasm is the worse possible mistake a woman can make in a relationship. When you fake it, the only person who suffers is you. Your body warms up, the juices start flowing, your downstairs gets excited and starts its engine, and then your brain steps in and somehow becomes your vagina’s worst enemy. You deserve to feel the tingling, overwhelming, body twitching, toe-curling, steamy joy of a climax. Faking this pleasure eventually leads to frustration and resentment towards your partner.
When it comes to sex I always say that “doing it” needs to be a priority. I believe that women should orgasm first. In my experience, once a man has finished, sex is not all that exciting and his effort to keep up the good work fades fast. If you don’t climax first, plan on walking away sexually frustrated. However if you practice going first, he will quickly follow. All that clenching of the vagina around his penis will finish him off perfectly. 
Now if you are embarrassed by this topic that may be your vagina’s first problem. There is no reason to be shy or feel any shame. Sex is a wonderful thing and it’s best when you are achieving orgasm. The following are some of the reasons women don’t orgasm:
1) They put the partners needs first
2) Lack of knowledge of their body and how to climax
3) Embarrassed to orgasm in front of someone
4) Discomfort having sex with their partner 
5) Lack of confidence and low self esteem
6) Trauma from past such as molestation or rape
7) They feel it takes too long to get to climax so why bother
8) Too tired from work, kids, family or stress
9) Faith or religious beliefs get in the way
These are valid reason but nonetheless hold women back from pleasure. Never make up excuses that lead to unhappiness in the bedroom. Don’t focus on why you can’t orgasm, focus on ways you will orgasm. Experiencing pleasure with your mate is one of the best parts of a relationship. Without it, why bother? The dishes, house-cleaning, raising kids and managing the bank accounts need some relief. My solution, HAVE SEX!!! A good way to keep yourself interested is to masturbate, explore your body, and learn what works for you. Work on finding a mate that you feel comfortable sharing your sexual needs with. Good chemistry is important. It is your responsibility to show your lover what works for you and try new things along the way to enhance your experiences. 
I hope to encourage, inspire, and motivate women to put their sexual desires first. Believe me if you are satisfied in the sex department you will live a happier life. You will sleep better, feel healthier, have more energy, be more loving, and glow more than you ever have. Put your relationship first and make sure your needs are being met. Don’t let the negative, self-sabotaging thoughts stop your physical desires. If you need practice, or are single and want to warm up, buy a vibrator and get to it. I ask that you don’t always rely on a vibrator for stimulation as no man’s penis can compete with the sensation of AAA batteries. Mix it up so that your body can respond to flesh and toys.
Now I understand that abuse or fear may hold some of you back from enjoying sex. I would suggest you get help from a therapist so you can work towards being open to a loving and sexual relationship. I also know that accidents happen which change physical abilities in the bedroom; aging does too. Not all couples can have sex or want to. Sex is not for everyone. However, for the majority of women who are capable and wanting more satisfaction between the sheets, always set the standard to achieve the “BIG O” every time you do it. Don’t stop till you get enough! You deserve it and your man will be thrilled that you are enjoying the ride. 

Groomed, Soft, & Emotional Men… WTF?

Angelism: “As hot and pretty as a groomed man can be, he should never take longer to get ready or be sexier & softer than me!”

Has anyone else noticed how incredibly groomed, soft, and emotional men have become? I have always found well trimmed, clean shaven, and fit men attractive, but how pretty do they need to be? A fancy man shows he is motivated to take care of himself and that he wants to live a healthy and long life; I can dig that. However the new obsession for men to pluck eyebrows, match clothes, buy shiny accessories, highlight their hair, sport fake tans, trim everything, get Botox and muscle implants, use man purses, and wear shoes with lifts in them is officially false advertising and is more vanity than I can handle. I get that we all want to look our best, but when a man is being waxed regularly and getting more manicures and pedicures than I am, it’s weird. 
The man continues to evolve as years pass. Just a decade ago, before Ryan Seacrest and Justin Timberlake hit the scene with a metro sexy style, I thought men were way more tough, fun, and rugged. It seems I woke up one day and it was OK for men to cry, have feelings, go to therapy, and stop doing man things. When I was growing up a man would come home from a physical job, drive up in his dirty truck, go inside and kiss his wife, say hi to the kids, take out the trash, tend to the yard, feed the dog, and then crack open a beer and watch sports and hang out with the family. Today’s man leaves his all day desk job, hands a $20 to the valet guy in exchange for his tiny washed Prius, swaps out his work shirt for a fashionable plaid, then meets coworkers for happy hour where he claims he is networking but really he’s eating fancy food and ordering some foo-foo drink that the girls like while singing some old Bon Jovi song that plays on the jukebox. To complete his 6am-9pm day he comes home, sets his laptop and gym bag down, (because lunch break workouts are totally cool), heads straight to the restroom while texting his coworkers that he’s home safe, showers, brushes and flosses teeth, conditions his hair and then crawls in bed. He then kisses his wife and watches Desperate Housewives of Beverly Hills with her all while checking his Facebook and playing video games on his phone until he passes out. OMG!!!! 
Maybe growing up watching Rambo, Terminator and Robocop gave me a false sense that men should be big, strong, dirty, intimidating, cool and rugged. I certainly didn’t imagine I would ever see men discussing designer jeans, their fear of being bald or fat, their interest in doing yoga instead of Pilate’s, and their preference for Starbucks lattes over Coffee Beans. Possibly I have lived in LA too long, the men here are quite fancy. Don’t assume that being a soft guy is bad. That is not what I am saying. However if you spend a lot of time primping, dieting, and worrying about your outfit and whether or not it works with what your wife is wearing, you may have lost your man card. Remember to compliment your woman rather than fish for compliments on how great your ass looks in them jeans. Fix the car when it’s broken, don’t send a lady to the mechanic. Set up the yard work contract if you don’t want to get your nails dirty and put out the mouse-traps and kill the damn spiders. Put together the kids toys and take out the trash. Lift some weights at the gym and maybe pass on the yoga and green tea addiction. I’m proud that men are flexible and they drink antioxidants but a man with a few calluses on his hands and a 5 o’clock shadow is hot. I like to know my man is smart enough to not create trouble but quick enough to throw a punch and protect me when the moment demands it.
So to all the soft men out there, please go do some man shit. In my house my dad replaced the oil, changed the tires, fixed the burnt out lights, painted the house, built furniture, maintained our garden and our hot tub, fixed the roof, and even organized his man tools; all while drinking a six pack of Budweiser. If you want to be treated like a man stop acting like a vagina. It’s OK to be a little metro and care more than the generations before, but be a sexy new kinda man who gets man shit done. Please only cry once or twice a year. I am all for the feminizing men but not at the loss of my handsome, protective, rough and tough dudes! I have a period every month, I get to cry, not you!

Because I have a Va-Jay-Jay…

Angelism: “Because I have a vagina anything you can do, I can do better!!!”

What I love so much about my man is he understands that the reason I can be nuts sometimes is because I have a vagina. Since having a penis is his excuse for every jackass thing he does, I take great pleasure in passing the buck off to my Va-Jay-Jay. Here is a list of reasons for my occasional female wackiness.
1) Because I have a vagina, I have random cravings for weird foods at any given time. It may be sugar, it may be salt, it may be a potato chip dipped in ice cream. Don’t question my need for cheese enchiladas and chips at 9am just go with it.
2) Because I have a vagina everything must be clean and organized my way. Yes, he can put stuff away, make the bed and do the dishes but I always have and will do it better. Accept it, I do.
3) Because I have a vagina I can spend two hours at Bed Beth and Beyond and walk out with nothing since I could not find what I was looking for. I can then go to Target and shop for another two hours and spend 300 plus dollars getting new kitchen stuff, clothes, food, books, CD’s and possibly a new lamp that I had no idea we needed. You better support my shopping habits because there is a reason for every single thing I purchase and the reasons are valid.
4) Because I have a vagina I must plan everything. I plan vacations, parties, events, date nights, even grocery store trips. A “To-do List” is my best friend. If I don’t plan, I know it won’t get done. My plan is the right way and I am in control from start to finish, deal with it. Do as you are told and you will remain good in my eyes.
5) Because I have a vagina you can’t ever comment on my weight or my age. Don’t tell me I look like I put on a few pounds or I will punch you in the face. Mention my age and I will go off on you so bad you will wish you were dead. Keep weight and age out of every conversation always if you want to keep your balls safe.
6) Because I have a vagina I’m supposed to be maternal. NOT gonna happen. Sometimes I run out of patience and anyone who disagrees with me, including little kids running around the house, better run far and fast. If you don’t do as I say for the third time today then maternal kindness goes out the window and “Evil Superwoman” takes over. I wish you luck when this happens.
7) Because I have a vagina I must always look and feel cute. I want my nails done, my hair stylish, and my clothes looking good. I want to be complimented for being adorable. It’s perfectly reasonable to have a bad day just because your toe-nail polish is smudged. Quit complaining about my complaining and compliment me on my beautiful smile so I forget about my jacked-up toe-nail polish. 🙂
8) Because I have a vagina I like girlie movies. I like to cry at stories that touch my heart and feel real even though mentally I know they are fake and made only for the big screen. I have roller coaster emotions and some days they are more apparent then others but that’s the joy of womanhood. If I cry, hug me and tell me I’m cute.
9) Because I have a vagina I suffer from PMS, bloating, and cramps which is hell about ten days out of the month. During this time I feel that my man should kiss my ass knowing 120 days out of a year I feel like crap all for the sake of maybe having one of his little pain in the ass children.
10) Because I have a vagina I will go through menopause and hopefully I will not kill anyone in the process. The hot flashes I will suffer will force me to overheat and make decisions under intense pressure. Being off balance hormonally does not help the situation and feeling old and unable to produce babies is pretty much a woman’s death sentence so fuck off for complaining that I will be moody. Love me and deal with it.
11) Because I have a vagina, my underwear and pants get sweaty and might smell like fish. Yes, some days are better than others for munching box. You guys should know that by now. No need to remind me how pungent my stench is after a workout or right before my period. I am aware, I live with my Va-Jay-Jay. By the looks of it, it’s basically a second ass crack so I would not expect it to smell like roses if I were you.
12) Because I have a vagina I think I can kick your ass in a fight. Somehow I am determined that if mad enough, I could lift a car, move a mountain, or punch through a door. Luckily that has not happened but my vagina tells me I have that strength and power to do so.
13) Because I have a vagina I like boy bands, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. It may be repetitive, synthesized music but for my ears it’s good shit!
14) Because I have a vagina we never run out of toilet paper. NEVER, EVER, EVER!!!
15) Because I have a vagina I need sex too! Don’t dare come at me with your stick and expect me to take care of your needs all the time. I need to be warmed up and pleasured so be prepared to work on me until I get mine. If you are selfish in bed, my vagina will become your enemy and my resentment and hate for you will shine through so good luck living with me!
Betty White you are my HERO!!!

Love Is My Religion

Angelism: “Love is my religion; with a good heart, a good intention, and an open mind, love can conquer all.” 

Today I had a rush of emotions and all I wanted to do was hug all those around me and spread love. I saw the movie 42 and felt such an internal sadness watching so much hate during a very racist time. This is the third film in the last few years that I have seen that has left me with a heavy heart. The Help, Django Unchained, and 42 all address the history of racism. These films make me grateful that I was fortunate enough to be raised in a different time and mindset. I happen to be a mixed breed with many nationalities in my gene pool. I have family from Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Poland. Here in America I was fair enough to be considered white. I never really had to face racism, I can’t even imagine how how hard that would be so I won’t even try. The closest thing to racism I experienced was people assuming I was Mexican because my last name ended in “ez”.
Growing up in California I feel I have always been a piece of a melting pot. Our state is diverse and I am proud that I was raised here. I am grateful that I learned love for all kinds of people. I loved my fellow classmates that were Asian, Filipino, African American, and Mexican. I love that I lived near San Francisco where I got to befriend some people in the gay community and witness their challenges. I worked at the GAP for ten years and remember feeling ecstatic when they announced they would be one of the first companies to offer health benefits to domestic partnerships. Now living in Los Angeles, I have been touched by the Jewish community and their traditions, religious beliefs, and challenges in history. I have traveled across the country, from Georgia to California, and unfortunately witnessed some states that still see in color. More reason for me to remain in California. These examples name just a few of my memorable experiences. I’ve learned that life is about loving, being kind to your neighbor, and being open to accepting new things. I embrace change, I remind myself to think outside the box, and I always consider how I would feel if the roles were reversed and it was me that was being judged and discriminated against.
I decided in the last few years that my religion would be LOVE. As much as I respect those who go to church, I respect those who don’t just as much. I grew up Catholic and for me church was limiting and had a way of making me feel guilty. I don’t need to feel guilty for anything, I don’t do anything wrong. I realized I could practice faith on my own. If I want to get closer to God’s story I will read the bible and interpret it for myself. I have faith in a higher power, I have love for my neighbors, I live an honest life, and although I make some mistakes here and there, I know I am genuinely a good person. All I need in this life is to share LOVE. So thank you Mr. Jackie Robinson, #42, for reminding me yet again today that love and openness to change is what will make our world a better place.


A Boobs Life

Angelism: “Gravity is a real thing. Invest in a good bra!”

Boobs rock and I appreciate a nice rack just as much as the boys. I am a straight woman who won’t look away at the flashing going on at Mardi Gras. Every boob is different and all worth checking out. I was fortunate to be blessed with a nice set thanks to my genetics. I swore to never take my boobs for granted as one grandma is a breast cancer survivor. I appreciate mine for their soft, cute, and curvaceous appearance. In my eyes boobs are sexy; I don’t view them as a food source as I lack that maternal instinct. I have always been PRO REAL BOOBS and ANTI FAKE MELONS, but as I get older I am beginning to think that a fresh rack may be exactly what I need later in life. 
In my teenage years I liked my boobs but I did not think much about them. I thought they were cute and was glad to have them. Boys were definitely interested which was funny to me. In my early 20s I fell in love with them because I learned their special power. Show a guy a boob or display your nice rack in a flattering top with a great bra and you will get all the free drinks you want. It was easy to look sexy since I have cleavage to show off. Always having fun and shaking my god given boobalicious gift, I never realized that my boobs would actually have a life span. I just ran around happy they were there. They looked fantastic and I assumed they always would. I remember hearing my Mom complain about saggy boobs but I figured I didn’t want kids so that was not going to happen to me. WRONG!!!
Right around 28, I noticed a slight droop of my mountain peaks. Not much to worry about at the time but my nipples were no longer the perky Hershey Kisses they once were. Instead of staring straight into the eyes of the people in front of me, they began to stare slightly downward and to the side. Although I noticed this minimal change it didn’t bother me. All that mattered was I looked good without a bra on. Then at 30, I gained and lost twenty pounds after knee surgeries and – OUCH! My boobs took on new form. Don’t get me wrong, they still looked good but they no longer looked fan-fucking-tastic like they used to. Now traveling down the hill of my 30th decade, I was faced with three mammograms. It turns out breasts can be flattened into a pancake and it does hurt to squeeze your boobs flat! It was at this point, in the boob torture chamber, that I realized my boobs might be on borrowed time. 
You never know when your boobs will stop being those beautiful perky mountains they once were. You never know how they will look once you gain and lose weight. You never know in what directions your nipples will go once gravity and age kick in. You never know if they are here to stay or if you will lose them to breast cancer. You never know what they will end up like after childbirth and breast-feeding. I’m here to tell you younger girls that the loss of your breasts’ greatness will happen. Love your boobs when they are young because someday you will need to lift your boobs up to put your belt on. As for all the middle-aged and older women who are sad that the boobs they once knew are there no longer, I feel your pain. Just adjusting to this new phase of the late 30’s has thrown me for a bit of a loop. I am embracing it but I do miss the buoyancy I once had.
Every set of breasts are different. You may have pink or brown nipples and they might be uneven. You may have raisin, Hershey Kiss, pepperoni, or hamburger patty sized nipples. Your actual boobs may be flat, ginormous, or some really perfect C or D cup. You may have a hair or two sprouting out, tan lines, or perfectly smooth beautiful mountains that even you love to fondle. No matter what size, color, or shape, be grateful for them. Appreciate and admire them as a piece of your beauty. Boobs are awesome and I pray often, that regardless of what they end up looking like, that they stay healthy. I know now if I wake up at 60 and one boob is hanging off the side of the bed and almost touching the floor that some plastic surgery is not such a bad idea.


Angels: “Sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself WHY?”


Why we do what we do, say what we say, buy what we buy, and think what we think? This is simply a list of WHY thoughts to ponder.

1) Why do skinny bitches complain about being fat to a friend that is clearly heavier than them? I think if you are a size 8 or smaller, regardless of your height, you should shut the F* up!
2) Why do showers get dirty all the time? You would think something that included soap and hot water for daily usage would stay clean.
3) Why do we drive a mile or less to pick up food, visit a friend, or drop kids off at school? And then we question why we are fat?
4) Why do we go out and party at a bar, spend good money on alcohol, knowing we may barf it up later? There goes $60 bucks worth of Fireball down the toilet!
5) Why is it that you can learn the words to a song after a few times of hearing it but can’t remember a phone number, address, or things you read and study for? I never understood this. All things should be taught in a song.
6) Why is it when it rains the car gets dirtier? My car gets streaks everywhere. No such thing as a free car wash.
7) Why is it that you can be chatting with your best friend about an event that you were both at and somehow you remember it totally differently? This makes me crazy!!!
8) Why are people stressed and overworked with their jobs and family but find the time to update their Facebook and Twitter?
9) Why is it that a book can be so fantastic and then you watch the movie and it’s horrible?
10) Why does everything bad that happens, happen for a reason, but everything good that happens is considered good luck? Heaven forbid good things happen to good people because they deserve it.
11) Why in the world are the Kardashian’s celebrities? Are we so pathetic we have stooped to this being a form of entertainment?
12) Why can men listen to and watch sports for hours, but only have a two minute attention span for their wife and kids?
13) Why do weirdos who can’t sing or act try out for shows like The Voice? Are people really that desperate for attention?
14) Why do people who lose hundreds of pounds gain it back? That’s a journey I would not want to take twice.
15) Why do people make the same mistake more than twice? Are you not smart enough to learn a lesson?
16) Why do people work in service when they do not like people? Even more important why do people hire these assholes? Did they really shine in an interview?
17) Why do people still get perms? Even more importantly why do salons still offer perms?
18) Why must lawyers be rude? Is it really necessary to share your knowledge of the law and use fancy courtroom words when we are out at dinner or at a BBQ? I get it, you are kinda a big deal but seriously, TAKE THE DAY OFF WE DON’T CARE!
19) Why do parents let their kids drink soda especially caffeinated soda? Go buy stock in some insulin because your child’s future is diabetes.
And last but not least….
20) Why do wanna-be, label whore people buy a 200 or 300 series Mercedes or BMW? People who actually are wealthy know that if you really had money you would not have wasted your mediocre line of credit on a lower end version of a high quality awesome car. LMAO!!!

Love Lessons…

Angelism: “Love may not be everything, but it is definitely something. Never underestimate its power.”

At the end of this month Scott and I celebrate our 13 year anniversary. It’s crazy to me that we have been together this long. It still feels new so I guess that is a good sign. As I reflect over our years together, and think back on all that we have been through, I realize that this is a love that has had plenty of highs and lows, fears and comforts, fights and agreements, fun and frustration, love and lust, disappointment and excitement, confusion and resentment, joy and passion, and most importantly friendship and commitment. I’m so proud that we have never given up. There was a time around year seven mark where we struggled. We were going different directions and not getting along. We decided to do the work and get on the same page rather than go our separate ways. Our love grew stronger because of it.
Through this relationship journey I have learned many things. I look forward to more loving and learning in the years to come. I know this love may not last forever but my wish is that it will. In the meantime I cherish these love lessons.
1) I’ve learned that love is in everything that you do. Love is a kiss goodnight or a romantic getaway. It’s the bite of food you share at dinner and the door he opens when you get to the car. Love is the fight that gets resolved without words, and the hand that gets held on a movie date. Love is in little things every day.
2) I’ve learned that love is mastering a sincere apology. It’s OK to be wrong or misunderstood. Saying, “I’m sorry” and meaning it, with no buts, no explanations, and no justifications, has been my biggest lesson. A simple, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me,” goes a long way.
3) I’ve learned that love is making time to date and have fun. Playing together whether it’s miniature golfing, a theme park, the water slides, a weekend getaway, or dinner and a movie; adventures always brings you closer together.
4) I’ve learned that love is patient. Not everything goes as planned and life takes you for turns you least expect. Just breathe and be patient.
5) I’ve learned that to love means to surrender control. Letting him take control sometimes allows me to trust and experience new things.
6) I’ve learned that it’s not your intention behind your words but how they are received by your partner. What I meant to say doesn’t always come across. Your good intentions may be misunderstood for negative ones and love is respecting how your partner feels regardless of how it hurts your ego.
7) I’ve learned that sex should be at the top of the love list. I don’t care how tired you are, how much your head hurts, or how much work you have to finish. Remind your mate that you are sexually attracted to them every chance you get.
8) I’ve learned that love means to be vulnerable. Being raw and honest with your partner will lead to comfort and a soft place to fall.
9) I’ve learned that I’m not perfect, I can be a bitch, I do make bad decisions, and at times my expectations are unreasonable. Live with anyone longer than a few years and you will quickly learn what you need to work on to better yourself. Love is recognizing you can not fix the other to be as perfect as you.
10) I’ve learned that love is respecting your mates family, regardless of your opinion of them. Every family has their own dysfunction; respect boundaries and don’t dwell in the drama.
11) I’ve learned that it’s OK to fight for what you believe in. True love respects differences and grows stronger because of them.
12) I’ve learned that love means you sometimes you have to do what you don’t want to do to make your partner happy. Compromise is key. Go to that work dinner, attend that family event, or see a movie you would normally never see. I assure you, you will want that same respect in return.
13) I have learned that pointing the finger only makes you look stupid. There is no need to make someone WRONG so you can be RIGHT. To love means to talk it out without placing guilt or wrongdoing.
14) I’ve learned that a wink, a hug, a kiss, or a nod go a long way. Recognizing one another in a room is always a great way to show love.
15) I’ve learned to love means to listen. There is a difference between hearing what was said and understanding what you have heard. I now listen with focus and show more concern about what the other is saying rather than what I want to say next.
16) I’ve learned that love is forgiving. You can get in fights that seem like deal breakers and a month later not even remember what you fought about.
17) I’ve learned that the grass is not always greener on the other side so don’t take for granted what you have. If your love is good on the majority of the days, trust that it’s worth it and believe in the power of love to see you through.
18) I’ve learned that love is a chance you take. It’s a risky adventure but a fun one if it’s true.
19) I’ve learned that trust is a must, without trust you have nothing.
20) I’ve learned that you must remain independent of one another. If you don’t nurture your career, friendships, and family outside of your relationship you will lose who you are. Love grows when you maintain independence.
21) I’ve learned to keep him guessing. Be a fun, unique, clever, inventive, and exciting person. Acting a little crazy sometimes keeps love interesting.
22) I’ve learned that life throws you curve-balls. Just when you think you know all there is to know about love, life hits you with a reality check and you must learn all over again. Embrace change together.
23) I’ve learned that I need to stay strong when he is weak. In return he will do the same. Try not to fall down at the same time. Having a cheerleader in your corner who understands you when you are down is what love is all about.
24) I’ve learned that we are different people, and that what I once loved most about my partner is often what I hate. For example, I love he is passive, it means I can take control. However that passiveness sometimes means a lack of motivation to do things or makes decisions which then means I feel pressured to do everything. I love it but I hate it. Learn to recognize these judgements and move right on through. To love is not to change but embrace.
25) I’ve learned that love is seen and felt just as much as it is expressed.
26) I’ve learned that I can’t say, “I love you,” enough. Everyday is a new day, and every day deserves to begin and end with, “I love you.”
Love is taking the good from each moment. If you have something worth holding onto, trust it. If it doesn’t work out that’s OK. Love is everywhere. Some people love many individuals in a lifetime, others have one soul mate for life. No matter what your story, learn your lessons, change, grow, and celebrate. When in love, not every day is easy, but every day is worth it!


WTF? Ain’t that a Biotch!

Angelism: “When life throws you stupid shit, just laugh!”

So often I find myself thinking, “WTF? Ain’t that a Biotch!” Time to do some venting!
*Ain’t it a biotch when you are driving along and some asshole cuts you off and has the nerve to flip you off. JERKS!
*Ain’t it a biotch when you get your period unexpectedly and you don’t have any tampons handy. UGH!!!
*Ain’t it a biotch when you are on a date and you need to fart. SO UNCOMFORTABLE.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you are enjoying your DVR show and you get to the end and beep, the recording is over and you don’t get to see the ending or the previews for next week. STUPID MACHINE!
*Ain’t it a biotch when your parents and family members join Facebook. TIME TO SENSOR.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you wake up in the middle of the night to pee and you step in your pets barf or poop in the dark. PETS ARE NOT ALWAYS CUTE.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you get to the airport two hours early to discover your flight is delayed two hours. YEAH FOR THE OVERPRICED BAR.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you begin working out, and what feels like forever, has only been five minutes. THIS HAPPENS EVERY TIME I GO TO THE GYM.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you are out in public in your grubs and you run into an old classmate or worse and ex-boyfriend who looks fantastic. LAME.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you have an itch under your bra or around your crotch area and you are in public. SCRATCH RESPONSIBLY.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you get caught picking your nose while driving your car. GROSS.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you order fast food and you get home to find out they forgot one of your items but still charged you for it. IDIOTS!!!
*Ain’t it a biotch when you go to start your car and the battery is dead? STUCK!
*Ain’t it a biotch when you go to reach for your cell phone in your purse and it’s not there. LIFE WITH NO CELL = FREAK OUT.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you are having a great day and your roommate, child, or partner storms in, in a shitty mood, and ruins your day. GO AWAY!
*Ain’t it a biotch when you are in a public restroom and you go to reach for the toilet paper and there is none. HOPE THERE ARE SEAT COVERS.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you go to drink your tea or coffee and it is hot enough to melt gold. LIQUID FIRE IS NOT SO TASTY.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you are sitting comfortably in the movie theater and some a-hole next to you can’t sit still, shut up, or share arm space. SELFISH PIG GO HOME!
*Ain’t it a biotch when your kids know more about technology then you. SAD WHEN YOUR 12 YEAR OLD CAN FORMAT YOUR RESUME BETTER THAN YOU.
*Ain’t it a biotch when you order Chicken McNuggets at McDonald’s and they charge you extra for additional sauces. SERIOUSLY?
*Ain’t it a biotch when you hug someone and realize after you step away that you got lipstick and or concealer on their face or clothes. OOPS.
and finally….
*Ain’t it a biotch when you are chatting with someone like an old classmate, friend, potential employer, or neighbor, and they use a big word in the midst of your conversation and you have no idea what it means but you nod and continue hoping your lack of education doesn’t shine through in that moment. DAMN SHOW OFFS, USE EVERYDAY WORDS PLEASE!